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Kiwanis One Day 2013Kiwanis One Day 2013
Cambrian Park
Meetings: Every Wed. at 12:10 pm·The Cup & Saucer, Suite 20, 1375 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose, CA, 95118 ·408-459-2509

Welcome to the Cambrian Park Kiwanis Web Site!

Our club has been in existence more than 60 years and is committed to the Kiwanis values of service and community engagement.  We do this by raising money for local, national, and international efforts and serving locally in support of such efforts.  We are especially on the area of "Young Children Priority One (YCPO)" which is an ongoing community service program of Kiwanis International that addresses the needs of children age 5.  All clubs are encouraged to carry out at least two (2) YCPO projects per calendar year, though many clubs are able to do more serving children, families and communities.  We also provide both academic and "turn around" scholarships to graduates of Leigh and Branham High Schools.


Some of our most high profile activities are our annual summer "Movies in the Park" at Camden Community Center and our annual Christmas Tree Lot located at Leigh High School.  Various Kiwanians are involved in a variety of service projects and we actively support both Key Clubs; which are high-school Kiwanis clubs at Leigh and Branham High Schools, and "Aktion Clubs" which allow adults living with disabilities to participate in community service projects, gain leadership skills and become more involved in society.


We meet each week at 12:10 p.m. for lunch and a program at the Cup and Saucer (see above).  We invite you to come and experience our club and see how we might support you in your desire to be of service to your community.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.



Tom Sramek, Jr.

President, Kiwanis Club of Cambrian Park.

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